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Food & Drinks

Try our regional and international cuisines

Highly recommendable restaurants close to our hotel:

  • Gaststätte "Rotes Roß" - Franconia meals
    Distancel 200 m
  • Thai Restaurant "Ratanakosin" - Asian meals
    Distance 1.200 m
  • Wirtshaus "Landbierparadies" - conventional Franconia meals
    Distance 2.300 m
  • Pizzeria "La Ruota" - Italian meals
    Distance 2.400 m
  • Restaurant "Zum Schlössla" - Franconia meals
    Distance 2.500 m
  • Restaurant "Weißmanns Krone" - fine german dining
    Distance 2.300 m
  • Restaurant "Zum Obstgärtla" - only open in summer
    Distance 2.300 m

These restaurants represent only a small number of fine restaurants which our guests can find close to our location. More information and hints you may receive from our staff. Furthermore from various restaurants we have menu cards available just for you.