Ambient Hotel Fürth Außenansicht

Renovation work at the Ambient Hotel am Europakanal successfully completed

Our major renovation project at the Ambient Hotel was completed in early February 2019. Several of our Business Class and Comfort Class were included in the renovation work, as was our entire reception area and, not least, our breakfast room.

Working with our trusted team of carpenters, painters and decorators, we were able to carry out the work over as short a period as possible and finish on schedule while remaining open for business as usual and ensuring that our guests were barely aware of all the activity behind the scenes. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our guests for their understanding during this period and to thank our employees and the reliable and hard-working tradesmen for their cooperation in our project. 

The results speak for themselves. We have created a harmonious and modern concept for our hotel, using beautifully coordinated colour schemes, high-quality materials and homely furnishings, finished off with many small touches. The final result is an even more inviting and homely feel. The refurbished rooms and areas are now even better suited to our guests’ wishes and requirements. 

And there are many new features to discover at the Ambient Hotel. Why not come and see for yourself!

Service with Quality

The Ambient Hotel am Europakanal has been honored by receiving 2 awards:

“Service-Quality-Certificate” issued by the Bavarian Hotel- and Restaurants’ Association

“Service-Quality-Certificate II ” issued by European Hospitality Quality

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Our Breakfast Buffet

In order to achieve this goal we want you to enjoy our delicious and comprehensive breakfast buffet, enabling you not only to be happy during the day but also to be successful.

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Something for Smokers too!

Please note that smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the Ambient Hotel. However, smokers are welcome to use our specially designed outdoor smoking corner whenever they like.

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Electric Charging Station

Our E-Mobility Service - At the Ambient Hotel am Europakanal are two charging stations with Type 2 and Tesla charging cables for all common e-cars.

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