Fürth Gustavstrasse

The City of Nuremberg and the Area

Welcome to Nuremberg

a city that harmoniously combines history and modernity.
Explore charming old town streets lined with historic half-timbered houses and immerse yourself in Nuremberg's rich culture.
From the imposing Imperial Castle to the lively main market with the famous Christkindlesmarkt, The city offers a fascinating mix of tradition
and a lively atmosphere. Enjoy local delicacies in the cosy beer gardens and discover the wide range of cultural events.
Nuremberg - a city that delights visitors from all over the world with its unique flair.

Nuremberg is home to a multitude of fascinating sights. These include the imposing Imperial Castle, the city's landmark,
the historic main market square with the beautiful fountain and the famous Christkindlesmarkt during the Christmas season.
The Old Town with its charming half-timbered houses invites you to take a stroll, while the Germanic National Museum offers a deep insight into German cultural history. The Albrecht Dürer House provides insights into the life of the famous artist, and the Nuremberg Trials Memorial commemorates the history of the Nuremberg war crimes trials. St Lorenz Church and St Sebaldus Church are impressive sacred buildings that tell the stories of bygone eras.

Explore the most important sights in Nuremberg:

  • Nuremberg Castle
  • Old town with main market
  • Germanic National Museum
  • St Lawrence Church
  • Nuremberg Imperial Castle
  • Albrecht Dürer House
  • Documentation Centre
  • Nazi Party Rally Grounds
  • Hangman's footbridge and chain footbridge over the Pegnitz 
  • Toy museum
  • Nuremberg Zoo - One of the oldest zoos in the world with a diverse animal world
  • Fembohaus - Historic town house with museum on the city's history