Fürth Gustavstrasse

The City of Fürth and the Area

Discovering, getting to know and getting to love

The lovingly restored half-timbered houses lend the old town a timeless flair, while modern amenities enrich urban life.
The green oases and picturesque squares invite you to linger, while cultural treasures such as the Jewish Museum and the Kulturforum Fürth
reflect the city's rich cultural diversity. Embedded in the Nuremberg metropolitan region,
Fürth shows that tradition and modernity blend harmoniously here.

Fürth has many attractions for tourists who want to experience the city's history, culture and nature.

Historic old town - stroll through charming alleyways and visit historic buildings
Kulturforum Fürth - take part in cultural events and visit exhibitions
Fürth Town Hall - explore the architecturally interesting town hall
Jewish Museum Franconia - insight into the Jewish history of the region
City park - relaxation and recreation in green surroundings
Shopping in the city centre - stroll through shops and boutiques
Gastronomy - enjoy the local cuisine in cafés and restaurants

With the following links we would like to present the city of Fürth and the surrounding area to you.
Let yourself be surprised, there's a lot of interesting things to discover: